About Us

For more than 35 years, the South Florida Air Conditioning Contractors Association (SFACCA) has been helping HVAC/R suppliers and contractors of every size, type and description, to build their businesses into more productive, profitable enterprises.

If you want your business to grow and you want to increase your knowledge, skill and ability to compete more effectively and profitably in South Florida’s highly competitive marketplace, then South Florida ACA is for you. And we can help you in countless ways.

Whether you’re a supplier to South Florida HVAC/R contractors or you’re a contractor running one truck or one hundred (and no matter if your business is mostly residential, light commercial/industrial, new construction or service), there’s a place in South Florida ACA for you!

The Association is administered by a dedicated and capable staff and governed by a group of Officers and Directors composed solely of contractors. SFACCA is an affiliated chapter of the Florida Refrigeration Air Conditioning Contractors Association (FRACCA).

SFACCA Members…

  • Employ professional HVAC/R technicians
  • Use the latest technology
  • Promote energy conservation
  • Provide quality service
  • Provide educational opportunities
  • Provide apprenticeship training
  • Deliver code books and technical publications
  • Support industry and government relations
  • Promote safety and health programs