MEP Coalition for Fair Competition

Q: When Does Competition Become Unfair?
A: When a utility goes into the contracting business AND subsidizes the contracting business!

DON’T WAIT to see what happens!

Maryland contractors did just that… Thinking the utility would fail as a contractor. They were wrong and 10 years later the majority of the contractors had lost more than 50% of their business to the utility. Don’t let that happen in Florida!

Action needed now to ensure utilities DO NOT provide illegal support from public funds to your competition.

  • Are they using data on HVAC equipment collected from rebates to your customers?
  • Are they using the services of their HR department to recruit your employees and provide benefits?
  • Are they using joint mailers to their utility customers to solicit business?
  • Do they collect past due payments on installs/repairs by shutting off electricity?

We don’t know now but we SHOULD know!

A Call to Action!

Your local chapter of FRACCA is prepared to keep FPL Energy Services from getting subsidies to operate their business that you don’t get as a contractor. We can’t do that without your contribution to hire experts in the areas of anti-trust, public utility regulation, public relations to let all contractors and the public know what is happening.

Donate what you can now and/or make a pledge for a later contribution:

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