Member Benefits

Why Join SFACCA?

  • Great Training: An apprenticeship program designed to equip your field employees with less than 3 years experience to become real field professionals.
  • Impact issues: By joining SFACCA, you are automatically enrolled in FRACCA (Florida Refrigeration Air Conditioning Contractor Association). This group represents the HVAC industry at the state level.
  • Improve you business: Get together with the “Best of the Best” and learn about ways to improve your business and the industry.
  • Meet new vendors, associate members. You could find vendors that may provide more opportunities for you to grow your business.
  • Be up to date: We bring local issues, challenges and partners to our meetings. This includes FPL, Inspectors and county representatives. This interaction helps us in making sure we keep our industry robust.
  • Discount Programs: Receive access to discounts and special offers from industry partners

How Do I Become A Member?

It’s easy! Click here to download a Membership Application.